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A snapshot of selling your home with Christine Benson from beginning to end.

There could be a thousand reasons you are looking to sell your property, from following a job to simply needing a change. No matter your reasons, selling your home can be a complicated process, made even more so by unforeseen issues that can pop up when you’re least expecting them. That’s why finding a licensed real estate agent with experience who you can trust is a vital step in the sale process. With Christine Benson, this sometimes anxiety-inducing process becomes simplified and stress-free. 

First Steps

Right from the jump, Christine Benson has your best interest in mind. In your initial meeting, you will both go through what you need from this sale and what you want. Are you looking to sell by a certain date? Or perhaps you’re looking for a buyer with a specific type of financing. 

No matter your wants and needs, Christine knows how to design a unique plan for your needs. Her expertise allows her to price your home as accurately as possible while still fetching you the most competitive, lucrative price point. That, paired with her ability to market and craft packages perfectly built to draw in buyers, means the home-selling experience here is unparalleled. Her history of success stories demonstrates just how effective her sales process is. In your first meeting with Christine, you will understand how passionate and driven she is to ensure your experience is as positive and fruitful as possible. 

Industry Experience and Expertise

One of the best ways that Christine demonstrates her ability to provide the best outcome for your property sale is through her outstanding connection to the market. As she belongs to not only one but three Bay-area qualifying referral guides, she knows the right people to get in touch with to ensure that your listing sees the widest array of qualified buyers possible. 

Additionally, her experience in the industry means that she knows how to set your home apart from the common market. She understands nuances and necessities to an expert degree and can market your home excellently. Even better, her connections to vendors, contractors, professional stagers, photographers, and more make the sale process's preparation and listing periods streamlined and set up for success. Pairing her expertise with her connection means listing your home with its best foot forward. 

Offers, Negotiation, and Closing

From the first meeting to closing day, Christine’s expertise and guiding hand will smooth over any issues that might arise. Complicated paperwork, agreements, and pesky details become obvious and taken care of when she works to list your home. Her experience and know-how in this arena also continue to draw in great buyers who will offer aggressive prices and are ready to negotiate to give you the best possible outcome. 

Once you do list and offers begin rolling in, you’ll have three options: accept, reject, or negotiate the offer. Christine’s history and expertise is more than useful here. Her connections to the market in Glen Ellen, Kenwood, and Sonoma mean that she knows how to appeal to buyer’s agents and vendors throughout the area. Her reputation precedes her and gives you that competitive edge ideal for selling your property. Through adept negotiation, the offer you end up accepting will be in-line with the needs and wants you discussed together at the beginning of this process. 

From beginning to end, Christine Benson is dedicated to the success of her clients. Described as driven and passionate, she relishes the chance to provide client success and works hard to ensure that it happens. 

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