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Buying a home can be tricky — here’s a snapshot of everything you need to know.

Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether you’re ready for a move, looking to accommodate a new job, or simply prepared to finally find your dream home, buying a new home presents a thousand options. 

While it is exciting, it, unfortunately, can also be stressful and frustrating. One of the best ways to combat buyer stress is by making sure you have the best possible help at your side. A licensed real estate agent you can trust, who’s passionate about their clients and neighborhoods, is the best way to turn a sometimes-stressful ordeal into a new chapter in your life. Below is an overview of real estate agent Christine Benson’s buying process.

First Steps

Christine Benson’s first step is vital: she considers everything you want and need in a home. By building this foundation, she and the buyer ensure that the buying process will be as successful as possible. Is it more important that you have a specific price point? Move-in date? Square footage? What about commute times, Homeowners Associations, school systems, or architectural features you can’t live without? 

Christine considers all these details and more as she builds your ideal scenario. At this time, she also sends forward her own bio and history, demonstrating her experience in ensuring her buyers the best possible outcome. She is passionate about each buyer, and from that passion comes unique, customized plans designed to fit the needs of every individual buyer. Past client references are also included, as she knows how important it is to choose the best real estate agent. She values your trust and confidence and is passionate about demonstrating her willingness to earn it. Her experience in Glen Ellen, Kenwood, and Sonoma are full of success stories—and her connections to these markets prove it.

Connections and Market Experience

Being connected to market properties before they are even listed is one of the best ways to find your dream home. Christine Benson is well aware of this and works hard to use all her connections and industry know-how to give you the best array of home possibilities out there. 

She will also connect you with trusted lenders to give you peace of mind and smooth the path to getting your mortgage approved. At this time, she also sets up a multi-listing service with your parameters, needs, and wants to give you the best overview of your options available. This ensures your widest chance of success, and she will continually pare down and edit the list as your needs and wants to develop to reflect the market. 

Negotiating and Finding a Home

Thanks to Christine’s experience and passion for the areas in which she works, she is perfectly poised to negotiate for your benefit. Whether you are looking to use a specific type of financing, move in by a certain date, or ensure a particular inclusion, she uses your needs and her experience in the area to give you that necessary competitive edge in today’s market. She knows the inventory of the area, giving her ammunition and the ability to negotiate well with any listing agent and seller. Her reputation in the areas of Glen Ellen, Kenwood, and Sonoma cannot be overstated. 

With her passion, dedication, and drive to give you the best outcome possible, Christine Benson is a real estate agent with a history you can believe in. From the first meeting to the final closing day, she will be with you every step of the way to fix any issues and give you the best outcome possible. 

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Whether her clients are buying or selling property for their own primary residence, vacation use, or investment purposes, Christine listens carefully to understand their wants, needs and wishes. She prides herself on providing clients the information they need to feel comfortable making their important decisions.

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